Setup Ubuntu20

1. Set up Network

IPv4 - Manual - - - Use this connection only for resources on its network

2. Turn off Bluetooth

3. Edit grub

sudo gedit /etc/default/grub
quiet splash

4. Update system and install necessary softwares

sudo python3

5. Edit visudo

sudo visudo
%sudo All=NOPASSWD: All

6. Reboot

7. Set up BIOS to make it reboot automatically

8. Format HDD

sudo gparted

9. Download programs

sudo python3

10. Edit diskList

sudo blkid
sudo gedit system/diskList

11. Disable automount

org - gnome - desktop - mediahandling

12. Set up static IP for USB-LAN

13. Connect to MT100

14. Disable desktop

sudo systemctl disable gdm

15. Create FTP PC file, Reboot