1. Strikethrough font
    \sout{words with a strikethrough line}
    %For citations

  2. font color
    \textcolor{red}{These words are in red.}

  3. Show date of "last update" at the bottom of a page
    {\scriptsize Last updated: \today}

  4. Set properties of links
    	colorlinks=true,       % false: boxed links; true: colored links
    	linkcolor=blue,        % color of internal links
    	citecolor=blue,        % color of links to bibliography
    	filecolor=magenta,     % color of file links

  5. Make the first paragraph indented

  6. Set spacing between paragraphs (in the preamble)
    \setlength{\parskip}{1.0ex plus 0.3ex minus 0.3ex} %from 0.7 ex to 1.3 ex

  7. Manually set spacing

  8. Do not show date in the title part
    \title{Title of the paper}
    \author{Ting Wu}

  9. Insert a figure
    \begin{figure}[!t] %t: top; b: bottom; h: here
            This is a useful figure.